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online classes

Online classes will be offered during lockdown

Changing to an online module will allow out students to continue their training and have some similar form of routine and exercise.


I know our students will be disappointed to hear so many activities are being cancelled and so keeping up with their dance classes through online sessions will be a great way to get through these challenging times.


More than ever our kids will need to get some exercise and physical activity. This is the key to staying healthy and happy!

lets get started

Allow plenty of time to download the zoom app prior to your class commencing, go to

Alternatively you will receive an email with details of your online class and information on how to sign up and register.

Make sure you have enough space so you can follow the online classes without banging into furniture. We don't want anyone to hurt themselves or damage anything in the process! You might need to move a chair or coffee table to make a little room, don't worry we won't be doing anything that requires heaps of space.

Come to your online class wearing your usual uniform and shoes. Tap shoes don't need to be worn if you think you might damage floors but are preferable. A small wooden board is ideal but again work with what you have and doing the class in trainers could be an option.

Ballet classes will follow the usual format and in some classes students will require a barre. We appreciate most students won't have a Ballet barre at home so think about what you could use instead such as a dinning room chair or side of a table.

Your online classes will be on the same day and at the same time as you would usually attend. Only difference is that you will be at home and not in the studio. Make sure you log on in plenty of time so you can check everything is working and you are set up ready to go; you will receive an email invitation to your class.


Step 1: Everyone will receive an email about their class, asking them to register and join

Image by Kon Karampelas

Step 2: Create an account by adding a name and email

Image by Desola Lanre-Ologun

Step 3: Prior to your class time, log in and wait for the class to start, once started go to the three white dots in the small blue box at the top right hand side of the screen and pin the teachers window this means the teacher will be enlarged on your screen.

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